Trim filters, also commonly known as cut-off or dichroic filters, are advantageous for a variety of applications. Common uses include optical noise reduction for bar-code readers and wavelength band isolation for fluorescence applications. Trim filters are often used in conjunction with absorptive filter glasses to form band pass filters.

Ultraviolet Complex Filter (365nm) HD UV Pass Blacklite™

We offer a variety of filters for the UV region of wavelengths. Popular examples include our UV Pass Hot Mirror used in temperature sensitive applications and our 470nm Short Wave Pass filter used for fluorescence applications . Currently, we are capable of producing spectral scans for our UV filters down to 200nm in wavelength. 

If your system reflects, transmits, or separates UV energy,
we have just the filters you are looking for. 


UV / Blacklite / Short Pass Trim Filter
This short wave pass cutoff filter passes light from 325-450 nm & blocks visible light from 500-700 nm. It has a 50% point at 470 nm +/- 10 nm. Custom short wave pass filters are available on request.


Our HD UV Pass BlackLite Dichroic is a specially coated optical glass filter which transmits 80% peak in the UV range from 340 to 380 nm and blocks light below 315 nm and in the visible range of 400 to 700 nm. It is ideally suited for laser fluorescence, police forensics, inspection/quality control, materials testing, and entertainment lighting/visual effects.

Applications: Fluorescence, Black light, Inspection, UV curing, Dermatology, Forensics



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